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The milk

Pure.  You are getting exactly what comes out of the cow.  Nothing is added.  Nothing is taken away.

Organic.  This means that the cows are not injected with any types of growth hormones, or milk inducing chemicals. The food is grown without harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Fresh.  The milk you receive was extracted today, or within the last 24 hours

Local.  Zacky Farms is located 3km outside of DHA, Lahore.  We don’t ship to Okara.

Raw.  The milk is chilled after it is extracted.  We do not heat it or pasteurize it.  Raw milk has a very short shelf life.  We recommend that you boil the milk soon after it arrives at your home.

Hygienic.  Our milk is extracted, stored and packed by computerized machines.  No human hands ever touch the milk or the udders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zacky Farm milk

  • Zacky Farms delivers milk in Lahore’s DHA area.
  • The price is Rs 75/ Liter from outlet, while Rs.85/Liter on delivery.
  • We deliver three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • We bill our customers on the first of each month.