School Tours

Zacky Farms is a beautiful, full-service, environmentally sustainable farm where you can bring your pupils for an exciting educational excursion. Field trips are an essential aspect of schooling. These enriching experiences allow children to learn things hands-on; to step out of the four walls of a classroom and truly immerse themselves in learning new things.

Zacky Farms is an excellent place for you to plan your next school field trip to. Situated in Barki (only 7 km away from Lahore School of Economics), this picturesque farm sits on over 52 acres of pristine land away from the city. Here, children will get the chance to experience what life on the farm is really like, an experience which is both enriching and enlightening.

Here are some of the activities available at Zacky Farms:

  1. Horseback riding
  2. Feeding and petting farm animals
  3. Tractor rides
  4. Tour of the farm

In addition, you can customize your own package based on your preferences.
On a typical day at Zacky Farms, some of what students can expect to learn includes:

  1. What a typical day on the farm looks like
  2. Understand what goes into raising farm animals
  3. Learn about how to plant specific fruits and vegetables
  4. Learn about how milk is extracted, and how yogurt and cheese are made
  5. Learn about the different tools and machinery that is used on a farm
  6. Understand the role that an environmentally sustainable farm such as Zacky Farms plays in society. And much more!

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Younas Khan
Zacky Farms Country Club