Events Venue

Are you looking for a unique location to host your next big event? Zacky Farms is just the sort of idyllic, secluded slice of heaven that you’ve been looking for. In a big city like Lahore, most event locations are crowded or located in a loud and boisterous part of town. It’s a classic case of ‘been there, done that’.
If what you’re looking for is a beautiful swathe of land, peaceful and out of the way of the hectic hum drum of the city, Zacky Farms is your go-to venue for events.
Host your birthday parties, dinners, engagements, weddings, corporate lunches, and all manner of gatherings on our sprawling stretches of stunning farm-land. Amidst this unforgettable backdrop, let the sounds of nature provide the perfect soundtrack, while you unwind, relax and enjoy at your perfectly planned event.