If you’ve lived in the city long enough, chances are that you’re probably not too familiar with what life is like on a farm. The concrete jungles that we live in are anything but peaceful. If you’re looking to experience a different way of life, head on over to Zacky Farms.
Zacky Farms is a picturesque organic farmstead located in the north of Lahore, just off of Barki road. Here, our guests will get the chance to immerse themselves in a unique and authentic farm experience. Picture lush green fields as far as the eyes can see, the gentle sound of flowing water, and the notes of a choir of birds floating on the wind.
You can experience all of this for yourself on one of our guided tours throughout Zacky Farms. Come on over and see what goes into taking care of a farm, and the peace and tranquility of this way of life, away from the incessant hum of anxiety that exists in the city.
We offer educational tours for schools, as well as guided tours for groups of friends and family. We’ll customize the tour to cover those parts of the farm that you’d like to explore and understand better. So put on a pair of boots, hike up your pants, and get ready to have some fun!