About Us

Life in the city is filled with a constant hum-drum of sounds: spluttering rickshaws, blaring car horns, and the constant trill of roadside vendors make up the orchestra that plays on Lahore’s streets every day.

“Sometimes, what one needs is an escape; a return to nature to unwind, relax and recharge.”

Nestled in North-Eastern Punjab, beyond the frantic hum of the metropolis, there exists an idyllic retreat by the name of Zacky Farms. Situated on a picturesque expanse of over 60 acres of lush and fertile farmland, Zacky Farms offers you the chance to truly take a breath of fresh air. On rich green pastures, visitors get the opportunity to experience the joy and thrill of horse riding, polo, and indulge in a number of other farm related activities.
Whether you’re a group of friends looking for a competitive game of polo, a school administrator tired of taking the kids to the same old places around Lahore, or a CEO looking for an inspirational corporate getaway to brainstorm a new sales strategy, Zacky Farms caters to your every whim.
Experiencing a day out in the countryside gives you the chance to enjoy the moment, recharge, and step off the bullet train of daily life.
So take a break from the rigors of city life, put down your phones and tablets, and enjoy a day out at Zacky Farms.