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Fresh Pressed Olive Oil


Nature’s gift to man and a miracle plant in every sense, olives are recommended by both

doctors and nutritionists. Various studies have shown that olive oil can prevent arthritis, cancer,

blood pressure and aids in bone development in children.

Even though olive oil is available in super markets in Pakistan, majority is extracted and

packaged in Italy and Spain. This results in the oil losing its harvest-fresh flavor.


What Makes Zacky Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special?

a) – It is extracted from handpicked fresh olives using age old extraction techniques. No

machines and chemicals are used in the process.

b) – It is freshly-pressed and bottled on site in chakwal  – conserving its

wholesome goodness.

We do olive oil the way nature intended it to be – Fresh, Clean and Healthy

It tastes miles better than imported and needlessly expensive brands.

For your convenience, Zacky Farms olive oil is available for Rs.1,500/- in one liter glass bottles.

Limited Stock Available.

Contact – 0323-8770777

Or Visit our outlet at :  37 XX Commercial Khayaban e Iqbal DHA Lahore